Candidate's Statement

APHA Executive Board

 American Public Health Association Executive Board Info 


APHA is an organization inspired by ideals that are just as relevant today as they were for our founders 137 years ago. They believed that communities should provide the conditions necessary to achieve health and wellness for everyone; that every person should have the knowledge, means and encouragement to live a healthy and fulfilling life; that government’s first responsibility is to the health of its people; and that scientific research and objective analysis can and should be applied to society’s challenges. These ideals are not exclusive to APHA, but they are the reasons I am here to serve it.


I believe that the Executive Board’s most important role is to ensure APHA’s organizational capacity. We do this by finding ways to harness the energy of our greatest asset: the knowledge, creativity and diversity of our membership.


APHA must become a 360-degree and year-round organization. We must not only speak to the members regularly but also find better ways to listen and learn. And we need to do this every day of the year, not just one week in November. We should grow our Internet capacity and use every tool and technique to facilitate member engagement and encourage constant feedback.


We must also reach out beyond our membership to our stakeholders, such as governmental policymakers, industry and just plain folks in the community. There are many people in this world who know little about APHA but who care deeply about public health and even do great public health work. They’re our audience, too.


Finally, the challenges of the past are not necessarily those of the future. I will work to build a dynamic and flexible organization that can respond to public health issues that aren’t now known to us. While the challenges may change, the ideals remain the same.