UMDNJ School of Public Health

Master of Public Health (MPH)


Piscataway, NJ

Union Hospital

Podiatric Surgical Residency


Union, NJ

Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)


Philadelphia, PA

Wilkes College

BS - Biology


Wilkes-Barre, PA


Professional Positions:

2012 – present   Director of Public Health Policy program, Jefferson School of Population Health, Philadelphia, PA.

2011 – present   Consultant in public health and policy

2008 – present   Chairman, NJ Public Health Institute

2011 – present   Adjunct Professor, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Galloway, NJ

2011 – 2011       Team Leader, Healthy Essex Coalition

2008 – 2010       President, NJ Association for Biomedical Research

2008 – present   Adjunct Assistant Professor, UMDNJ – School of Public Health, Piscataway, NJ

2004 – present   Adjunct Assistant Professor, UMDNJ –NJ Medical School, Newark, NJ

2004 – 2008       Assistant Professor, UMDNJ – School of Public Health, Piscataway, NJ

2001 – 2004       Adjunct Assistant Professor, UMDNJ – School of Public Health, Piscataway, NJ

1984 – 2001       Podiatric Medicine, private practice, Linden, NJ (1988-2001); Roselle, NJ (1984-1988)


Major Administrative Responsibilities:

2008 – 2008       Topics in Public Health Law for Medical Students, NJ Medical School – Developed case-based curriculum for 4th year topics course.

2008 – 2010       Program Manager, Tick Learning & Education for Schools (TickLES), US EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) grant

2004 – 2008       Director, Public Health Leadership Initiative for Emergency Response (PHLIER)

2004 – 2008       Assistant Director, NJ Center for Public Health Preparedness at UMDNJ

2006 – 2007       Consultant, Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools Emergency Response and Crisis Management Project

2003 – 2006       Principal Investigator, Bioterrorism Education & Training Memorandum of Agreement with NJ Department of Health & Senior Services

2003 – 2005       Assistant Director, HRSA Cooperative Agreement, Bioterrorism/Public Health Emergency Curriculum Development Project, [William E. Halperin, MD – PI]

2003 – 2008       Member, NJDHSS MedPrep BT advisory committee & Education & Training Subcommittee

2005 – 2007       Redefining Readiness, Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies in Health at The New York Academy of Medicine. [public health subject matter expert] Roz Lasker, PI.

2004 – 2005       NJ Health Officers Association, Public Health Consultant.

2001 – 2004       University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Executive Director for Special Projects for Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. Coordinator, UMDNJ’s Bioterrorism response efforts.

2002 – 2004       Health Leadership Initiative, Partnership for New Jersey, Director [under contract with UMDNJ]

2000 – 2001       Podiatry Online, Advisory Board

2000 – 2001       Investigator, CLOSURE Trial, Human Genome Science, Repifermin growth factor phase III study

2000 – 2001       Member, UMDNJ School of Public Health, Dean’s Search Committee

1997 – 1999       Medical Co-director, St. Elizabeth Hospital Wound Healing Center, Elizabeth, NJ

1990 – 2001       Chief, St. Elizabeth Hospital Podiatric Surgery Division, Elizabeth, NJ

1986 – 2001       Attending physician, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ

1984 – 2001       Medical Staff member, Union Hospital, Union, NJ

1991 – 1994       Assistant Project Manager, Kessler Communications, Inc., National Library of Medicine; medical indexing contractor


Peer Reviewed Publications:

1.     Ziskin, L. and Harris, D. State Health Policy for Terrorism Preparedness. American Journal of Public Health, September 2007, 97(9), 1583-1588.

2.     Caplan, R., Harris, D. and Rosen, M. New Jersey’s Coming Public Health Worker Shortage. New Jersey Medicine, October 2004, 101(11):47-51.

3.     Harris, D. Public Health Emergency and Disaster Preparedness [book chapter] in Public Health and Podiatric Medicine. Helfand, A., editor, 2006.

Peer Reviewed Scientific and Professional Presentations:

1.     National Environmental Health Association, Annual Educational Conference, 2007, Atlantic City, NJ. “Public Health Leadership Initiative for Emergency Response (PHLIER): A case-based leadership training program [oral session].” Baron, R., Polonsky, C. and Harris, D.

2.     APHA Annual Meeting, 2007, Washington, DC. “Public Health Leadership Initiative for Emergency Response (PHLIER): A case-based leadership training program [oral session].” Harris, D., Caporinno, C., Baron, R. and Rosen, M.

3.     APHA Annual Meeting, November, 2006, Boston, MA. “Developing a state-based public health leadership training program for emergency response. [Continuing education institute].” Harris, D., Sass, M., Caporinno, C. and Baron, R.

4.     APHA Annual Meeting, November, 2006, Boston, MA. “Using a virtual community to teach the reality of public health leadership [Poster].” Harris, D., Caporinno, C., Baron, R. and Rosen, M.

5.     APHA Annual Meeting, December, 2005, Philadelphia, PA. “Public health emergencies: Terrorism preparedness [poster].” Ziskin, L., Bresnitz, E., Paulson, G., Perry, E. and Harris, D.

6.     Forty-hour public preparedness course, NJ Department of Health & Senior Services, presented throughout NJ, January, 2004 – 2007. Harris, D. “Public Health Law [presentation].” Harris, D.

7.     “Public Health Innovations Roundtable Discussion – Public Health On-Line Expert in Residence program [panel].” APHA Annual Meeting, New York, NY, November 1996.


Non-Peer Reviewed Publications (selected):

1.     “Public Health is Political.” [blog], 4/20/2012.

2.     “Public health decisions should be based on science.” [op-ed] The Star-Ledger, 2/28/2012.

3.     “Objections to vaccination of children in New Jersey must be validated.” [op-ed with Renee Steinhagen, NJ Appleseed] The Star-Ledger, February 2, 2011.

4.     “Why the closing of two Newark hospitals should worry all of us.” [op-ed] The Star-Ledger, January 15, 2008.

5.     “Hospitals’ infection control plan won’t wash.” [op-ed] The Star-Ledger, August 30, 2007.

6.     “Better to put our money on preventing disease.” [op-ed] The Star-Ledger, August 16, 2007.

7.     “Jersey looks like a pipsqueek on public health.” [op-ed] The Star-Ledger, March 16, 2007

8.     “Case Study: Public Health Law.” Case study developed for the Case-based Training Institute of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, UMDNJ-NJ Medical School. 2006.

9.     “Potentially the unhealthiest cut of all.” [op-ed] The Star-Ledger, November 14, 2006.

10.  “State must not undermine student surveys.” [op-ed] The Star-Ledger, January 5, 2001.

11.  “Those Who Search for the State’s Ounce of Prevention.” [op-ed] The New York Times, January 16, 2000.

12.  “One Board Above All Should Say What We Do.” Podiatry Today. July/August 1995; VIII, 7:104.


Non-Peer Reviewed Presentations (selected):

1.     Testimony before NJ Assembly Commerce Committee to preserve public health funding in Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield conversion foundation mission. 2008.

2.     “Public Health Overview.” [presentation] NJ Association for Biomedical Research Summer Fellowship Program. July 17, 2007.

3.     “Putting the Public into Public Health Preparedness: Marketing and Preparedness.” [presentation] 2006 Annual Conference of NJ State and Local Health Officers, October 3, 2006.

4.     Testimony before the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly Health and Budget and Appropriations Committees on increased funding for public health infrastructure and various public health priorities. Newark, NJ, 2004.

5.     NJ State Department of Health and Senior Services funded project to educate public health professionals on use of the Internet and computer technology; Project Director. 1997 – 2000.

6.     “The Information Network: What Every Public Health Professional Should Know.” [presentation] Annual Conference of State and Local Health Officials; October 9, 1996.


Funded/In Review Grant Activity (selected):

1.     NJ Public Health Institute, Advocacy Support, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Grant: $10,000. 2012.

2.     NJ Public Health Institute, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Advocacy Research and Support, Environment America. Grant: $10,000. 2012.

3.     NJ Association for Biomedical Research, NJ International Life Sciences Workforce Summit at the Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University and Life Science MeetUp at Rutgers University. US Department of Labor Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED)/Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations/Bio1 Middlesex County NJ. Grant: $40,650. 2010.

4.     NJ Association for Biomedical Research, New Medicines: Pathways to Cures. An 8-week program for the Morristown High School Science Academy. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Madison NJ. Grant: $5,000. 2010.

5.     UMDNJ-NJ Medical School, Tick Learning and Education System (TickLES). US EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Grant (PESP) (PE-97241001-0). $50,500. 2008 – 2010.

6.     UMDNJ-NJ Medical School, Commuter and Transportation Analysis Project for Pandemic Influenza subcontract with New York City Department of Health and Office of Emergency Management and Eng-Wong/Taub & Associates (principal). Contract: $30,000. 2007 – 2008.

7.     UMDNJ-Center for Public Health Preparedness, CDC National Public Health Performance Standards Program, Local Public System Performance Assessment Instrument Evaluation, $110,000. 2007 – 2008.

8.     UMDNJ-NJ Center for Public Health Preparedness to Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools Emergency Response and Crisis Management Project, 2007.

9.     UMDNJ-NJ Medical School, Bioterrorism Training and Curriculum Development Program. HRSA Grant # T01HP02309-01. $347,931. 2003-2005.

10.  UMDNJ, Bioterrorism Education & Training Memorandum of Agreement for Focus Area G, NJ Department of Health and Senior Services. 2003: $575,000; 2004: $786,500; 2005: $538,000.


Community/Professional Service:

American Public Health Association

2009 – present      Member, Executive Board. Chair, Strategic Planning Committee.

2009 – present      Member, Publications Board

2006 – present      Section Councilor, Podiatric Health

2004 – 2009          Member, Education Board, Member

2002 – 2004          Member, Executive Board

2003 – 2004          Chair, Executive Board Strategic Planning Committee

State of New Jersey

2006 - 2008           Member, Preparedness College, NJ Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness

2005                      Member, Governor-elect Jon Corzine Transition, Homeland Security & Public Safety Policy Group

New Jersey Public Health Association

2002 – 2007          Member, coalition to preserve non-profit health entity assets

2000 – 2002          President

1992 – 2000          Officer and Board member, various positions


2012 – present      Member, Quality Improvement Advisory Council (QIAC), NJ Department of Health

2007 – present      Member, NJ for Healthcare Coalition

2007 – 2008          Featured contributor, NJVoices, The Star-Ledger newspaper opinion site.

2006 – 2007          State & Local Partnerships Collaboration Workgroup, CDC Centers for Public Health Preparedness. Co-chair.

2000 – 2005          Member, Steering Committee & Community Advisory Board, Institute for the Elimination of Health Disparities, UMDNJ

2006 – 2007          School accreditation site visitor, Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)

1996 – 2004          Member, Westfield Board of Health

1992 – 1995          Co-host, HouseCalls, Weekly medical, radio talk show, WJDM-AM Elizabeth, NJ


Other Projects:

New Jersey Public Health Association web site, Developer. 1994.


Professional Associations:

New Jersey Public Health Association

American Public Health Association


Previous/Current Academic Teaching Responsibilities:

The Richard Stockton College, Galloway, NJ

Fall, 2012        Public Health Administration and Law – PUBH 4110 (scheduled to teach)

Spring, 2012    Health Policies and Issues – PUBH 2402 (developed new curriculum)

Fall, 2011        Public Health Administration and Law – PUBH 4110 (introduced new textbook; developed new curriculum)