OJoSS - Online Journal of Student Science

A project to create an online reviewed journal for middle and high school students as an means to promote scientific writing, interest in science, and increase awareness of scientific careers. Student authors would be teamed with volunteer scientists who will act as their reviewers/mentors. An online Content Management System would mediate all interactions.

The goal is not so much to produce original research but to get students comfortable with the research publication process and help them appreciate the importance of research ethics and sharing of results. They could present the results of their own research, individually or in teams, or the results of classroom-based labs. It wouldn't matter is they proved gravity exists, again, so long as the paper was properly referenced and written. 

Younger students would be expected to write shorter papers that still adhere to the basic structure.

Teachers could also use OJoSS as a means to extend the classroom experiments and to link other subjects (e.g. English) to the science class.

This proposal was submitted to the NSF and other foundations. So far, no takers.